Thursday, October 22, 2009


Not a lot of new hapenings to report. Tyler is doing well at school. He enjoys it and is really starting to read well. However, we think he is a King, as he LOVES math. He still talks about Pokemon non-stop. Yeah, I think I was over hearing about Pokemon like 6 months ago, but what do you do? He's become a pretty easy going kid for the most part, and just kind of rolls with the punches. He will agree to sell you his baby sister for $800, because imagine all the pokemon he could buy with that... (that was his comment about me having a girl). Austie is still our baby (for now). He started pre-school, and is partially potty-trained. His pre-school thinks he is totally potty trained, so let's keep the partial part on the down low. He still thinks he is too heavy to walk, and prefers to hang out in his stroller or be carried. He loves rocket ship stories. He loves to eat candy, but hates anything else. He is still a little peanut. I think he is smaller than Tyler was at this age. He actually tells us he is looking forward to having a baby in the house, but we shall see when the reality hits. Anyone know of a good double stroller? Mike is doing well, and has a list of projects that I want done before January. I am begging him to get me that minivan I swore I would never have. There will be lots of eating my words when we get one. So, that is what is happening at our house, I know you were riveted to your seat hearing all the exciting news...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Austin and Tyler in our new hot tub

Austin Eating Poo-poo ice cream

Austin and Tyler Eating Ice Cream- Special Mix