Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Last weekend we had visitors. Mike's parents came and brought Tyler's cousin Lucas with them. Josh, Laura and Maggie (the dog) also joined us . It was fun to see everyone, but too short. Tyler and Austin sure have a good time with Grandma and Grandpa. We went to Sea World on Saturday. The first place we headed was the water roller coaster. Lucas and Tyler sat in the front seat and ended up completely soaked. Lucas said, "That wasn't fun at all. I was scared, and I got all wet." However, they did have a great time the rest of the day. Tyler and Lucas got along so well the whole visit. Tyler cried and cried when it was time for Lucas to go. Austin is still looking for Maggie to play with him. I love the picture above of Tyler and Lucas reading together.

Some friends and I sort of invited ourselves to a photography group. Hopefully, I keep going because I need something to push myself to practice. Here is my flower picture- nothing fancy, but I kinda like it.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Two little monkeys jumping on the bed...

Hmmm, technically pretty bad pictures, but cute becaue this is what they
love to do. Mike puts the blow up mattress on the floor and they jump from our bed onto that. They love it!

P.S. Poor Austie looks a little on the skinny side with his ribs poking out. I promise we do feed him!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tyler's first visit to the (vice) principal...

I can't believe I forgot to write about this. It happened before Christmas, and I meant to write it down.

Tyler and I were walking to the car after school, and he started telling me how the other kids were asking him to show his underwear and laughing. I was only half listening and said something like, "well don't show your undies at school." Then he started in on how when kids get in trouble they have to see the vice principal, and he had to go see her a couple of days ago. I turned right around to go see his teacher. Tyler was screaming, "I don't want to bother her after school." He didn't want me to talk with her. When I talked to her she explained the situation. Tyler was in line and must have lifted up his shirt. The kids saw the top of his underwear and laughed. That was all Tyler needed to keep doing it over and over. He never pulled down his pants, it was only the underwear top (hopefully they were clean). I thought this was kind of a minor thing to go see the vice-principal for, but I was informed of some other boys who were showing a "lot more than underwear" in the line. Tyler wasn't involved in that, but there couldn't be any more improper shenanigans in line. The teacher thought the VP had called me already. Tyler had fessed up when he didn't even have to (we won't tell him that). I wasn't mad at him because to me it seemed silly. It is good ammunition for teasing him!

He really is well behaved at school. Much more than I thought he would be.

I am trying out taking my pictures in RAW. This is my first experiment.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Last week

I'm not doing very well on my resolution to post every day. We had a busy/sad week last week. After battling cancer for about 4 months my Uncle Jim passed away on Wednesday morning. My heart goes out to my aunt Jen and the kids. I remember. I'm so sad for their family. It was a great funeral, and good to see so much of my dad's family.

On a lighter note, we had been promising Tyler we would take him to Disneyland. He had never been, so Mike took a day off work, and Tyler took a day off of school. It was a perfect day to go. There were little to no lines. Tyler went on every ride except Indiana Jones (he's too short). That kid has no fear and loves the roller coasters. It was so fun to see him have such a blast. Austin was pretty good all day. He did not like Pirates of the Caribbean or the little roller coaster we took him on, but he loved the Nemo submarine.

Austin even got a nap in. He fell asleep on Pirates.
Mike actually got Austin to sit on the horse, and he ended up liking it.

Austin looking out the submarine window on Nemo

Tyler with his Autotopia license