Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I've been hearing about this famous Santa Village in Poway for a couple of months now. There is a wealthy family there that puts on this whole meet Santa party every year. This family puts on this open house for about two weeks straight. It was amazing. The house was decorated like crazy, there were refreshments and Santa and Mrs. Clause were there. Each child also got to pick out a toy. Thousands of kids come through every year. It was crazy, but really cool.

As you can see Austin didn't want anything to do with Santa

But Tyler knows who's in charge of the presents

And yes, those are the toy guns my children picked out as their presents. We are not lacking any testosterone at the King house!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Zoo (again)

I am lucky enough to have an awesome cousin with a zoo pass. Laura got me into the zoo for free again. Austin LOVES the animals. Although, he thinks they are all dogs. He kept saying, "doggy, doggy!" He will learn someday!

Austie and Luke looking at the orangatang

Austin looking at the giraffes (this is my view most of the time at the zoo)

Happy to be at the zoo with cousins

Here is Austin kissing a goat that he called a doggy, YUMMY!

And once again, we can't even tell Tyler we went or he'll be mad, so it's a secret!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Two things in the mail

Today is the anniversary of my Dad's death. It has been 7 years, and I could tell you (in minute detail) all about that day 7 years ago. I remember everything from that day, and in some ways it really does seem like it just happened. But, in other ways, it seems like I've been without my Dad for so long. I miss so much about him, but mostly I wish I could see him with my kids. I know that he sees them, but I wish he was here to see them grow up. They won't know him in this life, and that stinks!

I dread this day. It makes me sad. But, it also helps me remember. I'm thinking about the Bryces today too. I don't know if any of you read this, but if you do, I thought of all your family today. I'm also thinking of my family today too. We all miss him, and I think today we all reflect and remember that awful day.

Today I got two things in the mail. The first was a copy of my Grandma's history book. First, I turned to the part where she wrote about my Dad's death. My Dad was very close to his parents, and when he died it was VERY hard on both of them. It was so touching to read my Grandma's account of that time period. I know she misses him so much. Thanks Grandma.
And on a much lighter note, here is the second thing I got in the mail. My friend TAMN must have known today was a hard day. I got my "I'm off diet coke" . Check out the return address.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's up

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Vacay

This is where we went. This place will always be my home. It sounds cheesy, but my soul will always feel a connection to this state. Love those cacti!

Grandma and Grandpa gave Austin a t-ball stand, and he was in love.

The hot tub is a favorite place to hang out

Especially when Grandma gets in a waterfight with Tyler

Both boys chased poor Maggie day and night.

Tyler took a class called RAD kids that taught self defense. Thanks for inviting him Val!

Here is Tyler telling a kidnapper no and fighting to get away.

We celebrated Austin's 2nd birthday with an ice-cream cake

More ice-cream at a park with my Mom, Granpa and Judy

We rode the train at the park in Scottsdale. Tyler rode in the cattle car with some other kids.
All in all, a great break. We got to see many of the people we love, eat great food and shop a little; perfection in my book. Tyler cried when we left he had had such a great time with his cousins. I found out that my sister-in-law is just as obsessed with seriouslysoblessed.com as I am. Mike got to race RC cars with his brothers and dad. We can't wait to go back.