Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas '09

It was a quiet Christmas at our house this year, just our little family. Both boys were excited. Tyler even asked to go to bed at like 6:30 on Christmas Eve. They both woke up early, but let us sleep until 7:30 or so before we headed downstairs. Here are a couple of pictures of Christmas morning.

Tyler posing w/ a new wii game
Austin w/ a DVD

They wouldn't stand still on the stairs, so this was the best I got.

Mike gets three whole weeks off of work, so he's getting bored. He made us a nice place to plant a garden this spring. He's gotten all of my projects that I wanted done, so we'll see what he comes up with next week. Tyler finally learned to ride a bike w/ two wheels. I realized it was about time when my friend's 3 year old could do it. When Mike took him to learn, Tyler basically hopped right on his bike and took off. I guess there is something to be said to waititng until they are 6, right? Austin has been in 7th heaven having Daddy home. It will be a rough transition when Mike has to go back to work. As for me I am sick of being pregnant. That's all I'll say about that. Please pray I go a little early. We are all ready for this baby, except mentally. It's hard to wrap our minds around actually having a little girl in the house, but I can't wait!