Friday, March 7, 2008

A Spring Concert

Doesn't every boy look cute in a tie? That's what I thought. Tyler had a Spring Concert for pre-school yesterday, and he's been coveting a tie like his friend Aiden for some time now. So we went to the mall yesterday to pick up his cool new tie. Right before the concert we had Daddy tie the tie, and Tyler looked so darn cute. Tyler liked his tie so much that he didn't even want to sing during the concert. He just flipped his tie over his shoulder and posed for the video camera

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martha corinna said...

Tyler does look handsome in a tie.
Someday we will have to hook Norah and Tyler back up.

grandma king said...

Does this mean Tyler doesn't get to wear a tie at his next program?
At least he wasn't wiping his nose with it, love mom K