Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I've been hearing about this famous Santa Village in Poway for a couple of months now. There is a wealthy family there that puts on this whole meet Santa party every year. This family puts on this open house for about two weeks straight. It was amazing. The house was decorated like crazy, there were refreshments and Santa and Mrs. Clause were there. Each child also got to pick out a toy. Thousands of kids come through every year. It was crazy, but really cool.

As you can see Austin didn't want anything to do with Santa

But Tyler knows who's in charge of the presents

And yes, those are the toy guns my children picked out as their presents. We are not lacking any testosterone at the King house!


Tammy Mitchell said...

Too funny Sheri!! Those guys are in my parent's ward. My family has known them FOREVER. We were in the same ward growing up and then all moved to Poway about the same time. My grandparents and parents are SUPER good friends with them. Aren't they awesome???

DeCaires Family said...

That is so cute! We don't have families like that in Peoria! Ha ha!

Jaime said...

Sheri... it's so fun to find you through the blogging world. We're in LA now, are you guys in SD? Email me so we can catch up.

Jaime Johnson