Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Last week

I'm not doing very well on my resolution to post every day. We had a busy/sad week last week. After battling cancer for about 4 months my Uncle Jim passed away on Wednesday morning. My heart goes out to my aunt Jen and the kids. I remember. I'm so sad for their family. It was a great funeral, and good to see so much of my dad's family.

On a lighter note, we had been promising Tyler we would take him to Disneyland. He had never been, so Mike took a day off work, and Tyler took a day off of school. It was a perfect day to go. There were little to no lines. Tyler went on every ride except Indiana Jones (he's too short). That kid has no fear and loves the roller coasters. It was so fun to see him have such a blast. Austin was pretty good all day. He did not like Pirates of the Caribbean or the little roller coaster we took him on, but he loved the Nemo submarine.

Austin even got a nap in. He fell asleep on Pirates.
Mike actually got Austin to sit on the horse, and he ended up liking it.

Austin looking out the submarine window on Nemo

Tyler with his Autotopia license


Fisher Family said...

Such great pictures. So sad to hear about your uncle Jim! We need to get together soon now that we are so close!

DeCaires Family said...

Since when does Austin sleep while someone holds him? I love the picture of the 3 boys....but you have to try to get in some of them!