Thursday, March 3, 2011

Don't mess

with the stairs!

When Mike said Austin was hurt I started yelling at him because I thought it was from wrestling again. Turns out, Austin just tripped on the stairs. I think he will need to bathe in mederma every night.

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Laura Beers said...

How sad!!!! Poor Austin!!!

DeCaires Family said...

That is so awful! He and Dax would be a great pair. I just took him in for his 15 month check up. The day before I had closed his head in the sliding door of the van. Yep, I'm super mom. The doctor just looked at him with the big straight bruise down his face, the black finger nail and other owies and said, "He looks like an active 16 month old." The best part is when he asked what happened to his head and I said.. I shut it in the car door. Ha ha! I feel your pain. Nothing like taking your kids out looking like they've just fought a war!

Vanessa said...

blasted stairs....they get ya every time.

Outsource said...
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