Sunday, November 13, 2011


Colter James King
Born October 31
7 lbs. 11 oz.

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DeCaires Family said...

Congratulations!!!! A Halloween much fun. I need your address so I can send you something. Mom of 4....awesome!

Fisher Family said...

Congratulations Sheri!!! I am so happy for you and we all (Maggie, Tammy & I) can't wait to come pay you a visit when you're ready for all of us!

Alicia said...

What the frick?! Your baby is 2 weeks old already and I have to find out about him through your blog?!? Wow! Kinda hurts :( Anyways--Congrats! He is a cutie! Hope all is well with the fam.

Anna said...

Congrats Sherri!

McDowell family said...

I can't believe you had another baby! I had no idea you were pregnant. Guess I never check blogs anymore. Congratulations!! I totally thought you were done at 3. Makes me feel a little guilty because I really think we're done. He's a cutie! Boys are great!