Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

Austin started off the day with his favorite new activity. We are now using 5 times more TP than usual, but it is so cute!

Here is Tyler right before his pre-school Christmas program. He looked very handsome.

Austin was all over the place while we waited for his brother to sing.

Here is Tyler during the program. He actually sang this time and wasn't off in his own world.

Finally here is the "gingerbread" house Tyler made today at pre-school.

Tyler said a funny thing today. He was watching TV and every commercial he saw he would ask for that toy. I said Tyler, "how come you want EVEY toy you see, you can't have that many toys." He responded, "then why does every single toy have to be so cool?" Yes, the advertisers are certainly doing their job this holiday season.


michelle said...

you take beautiful pictures... I really am enjoying your blog!
Optimus Primus... I'll keep my eyes open. Have you checked amazon?

michelle said...

Lauren is OBSESSED with toilet paper too, the only thing as after she unrolls it she shreds it into a million tiny pieces... such a pain to pick up!