Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was a quiet affair at our house. Mike told me to purchase the biggest turkey I could find. We baked that, stuffing and mashed potatoes and waited until Austin's naptime. After the monkey was down, we ate. Tyler has been eating turkey sandwiches for a week now.
Tyler and I went to see a movie, while Mike cleaned up the mess . It was a good day. We had been getting all the toy ads and catalogs, so we told Tyler to circle like 4 things he wanted for Christmas so we could send his list to Santa. 4 turned into 400. I took some pictures of him hard at work. Tyler wanted Mike to transcribe a letter to Santa to go along with his circled pictures. It reads:

Dear Santa,

I love you Santa. I want the space man and the silver rock guy and snow-man guy, AND red rock guy with the motor-thing, and the racer, and the green rock guy, and the rocket ship. Please get me everything on this page. I was a good boy. I played with Austin today. I wrestled him too. I want to be a good boy to get a sticker, and I made my bed 5 times. I love you santa!


Here's Austin on Thanksgiving. He's not a greedy toy monster yet!


martha corinna said...

First of all, Mike cleaned up the mess while you went to a movie?
I've never heard of that before, tell Mike he rocks.
Tyler's letter is awesome. Those pictures are great Sherrie.