Friday, April 18, 2008

Mike- the seismologist

I always tease Mike about imagining earthquakes. When we lived in California he was always "feeling" earthquakes that no one else felt. We were in California last weekend, and I was just teasing him about his imaginary earthquakes. This morning when we woke up Mike asked if I'd felt the earthquake at about 4:30. I started laughing because I just knew it was another one of Mike's "earthquakes". He swore up and down that it was a pretty big earthquake. and sure enough, when he turned on the news his earthquake sensor was spot on. Not only does Illinois boast horrible weather and tornadoes, now we have earthqaukes to add to the list! (I did feel one of the aftershocks at 10:30ish.)


The Linabooty's said...

You're Welcome I hope there's lots of booty dancing going on during that cleaning:)-DJ Harmdizzle