Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring has FINALLY sprung

There are some things we will miss about Illinois. Right now is that little window of time where you are allowed a brief spell of perfect weather. It has been so nice, after that AWFUL winter, to be able to go outside. Austin is loving every minute of the great outdoors. It would have been so easy to leave in the Winter. Now, it will be a little bit harder (not too hard though!)

This is my view all day (Austin is a clingy one)
Discovering the hose

After discovering the hose, Austin had to be stripped naked
Tyler washed his jeep, and used MY hairbrush to scrub it
Brothers sharing a drink
Austin LOVES to chase the neighbors dog


Jenni said...

Lucky you that it is finally spring. It is still off and on here. I love your pictures! I want to come see you soon and have you attempt to take pictures of Ethan and Ava.

Laura Beers said...

Cute pictures! Will you take pictures of my kids too?

martha corinna said...

Great pictures.
Spring has still not sprung in Utah, it is snowing again today.