Tuesday, July 8, 2008

All teeth and boogers

this one is. Every shirt I wear is covered in 5 seconds flat. And check out those teeth, huge I tell you! He's still a cudler/cling-on. Loves to eat popcorn, cotton candy, just the marshmellows from the lucky charms and chicken broccolli casserole. He's a jealous one too. Yesterday he wanted out of his stroller at Sea World. Tyler went and sat down, and Austin pushed him out. Not because he wanted back in, but how dare anyone sit in HIS stroller? Isn't he cute?

And this one, he's a beach bum. He absolutely loves the beach (his words). He talks about Star Wars, pokemon and sand crabs non-stop! He loves collecting rocks. Oh, and tattling; he loves to tattle. Enjoys eating teriyaki chicken and chicken wings (he is his father's son). He finally learned to pump himself on the swings, just in time for kindergarden.

These two, love each other sometimes. This incident today sums up their relationship: Tyler was helping Austin get the sand out of his eyes, with a bar of soap. Austin starts screaming because there is soap in his eyes ,and then somehow Tyler gets it in his eyes too. Now both are screaming. It all started out with good intentions.


Jenni said...

I love your pictures!

McDowell family said...

Ahhh, nice entry. You're boys are so cute. Where exactly in SD did you move to? Also, did I mention to you that we were thinking about moving back to SoCal or did you just write that on my blog because you think we should move back? Just curious.

DeCaires Family said...

Your pictures are fantastic. I love the black and white one of Austin on your bed! That is adorable.