Monday, July 14, 2008

New Park

I took the kids to a cool new park by our house. Tyler loved climbing the rock walls like the big boys.
Here he is at the top, striking his most manly pose.

Austin ran back and forth across the bridge for most of the time.
Tyler and Austin had fun running down the huge grassy hill together.
Can you see the brown hill behind the grass? That is where one of the fires came to last year. I guess a couple of people in our subdivision lost yards, but no houses were burned. It's actually amazing how many homes were saved.

Isn't this chair a beauty? Mike didn't think so. Neither did my mom. She asked if the former owners had left it, meaning, "I bet you'll have to take that to the dump." What neither realized is that I bought a treasure. I got 2 chairs, a side table and a loveseat, all teak, from Smith and Hawkens at a graage sale for 40 dollars. They may not look pretty now, but when I'm done restoring I will post the after.


~Dana said...

Fun! I look forward to taking my kids there when we get home!

The Linabooty's said...

I totally she the treasure in that trash Sheri good job! Finally found some reasonable plane tickets but not till sept so hopefully we will be out then!:)

Sheri King said...

Those are the ugliest chairs I've ever seen. -Mike

king Sharon said...

Sheri, Tyler told us you are always taking pictures and he doesn't like it, But I am so glad you do. We do not miss out on any events in their lives. Thanks,
Grandma king