Sunday, September 28, 2008

Germs, germs go away

My poor little guys. They haven't been sick since we moved, but it finally followed us from Peoria- the sick train. They'll live, but it's not a lot of fun at the King house today. Mike went to church while I stayed home with the sickies. All Tyler wants to do is play wii.

This picture of Austin was when he was well the other day. We thought California had cured his asthma; we were wrong. At least we only had to go to Urgent Care and not the ER this time.


Laura Beers said...

Both of my little ones had colds today. Jake stayed at home while I went to church. I hope your little ones get better! When kids get sick the Mom suffers even more.

WishTrish said...

Sheri~ I am sorry your little ones are sick. :( I hope your home is a healthy one soon. There is nothing worse than the "waiting" when your child is sick.

P.S. You are such an artist with a camera! What kind of camera are you using and what's your secret?! Love the blog. :)

DeCaires Family said...

The fist picture of Tyler is beautiful! Hang in there with the'll get to rest when their 30!