Monday, September 22, 2008

Shhh, don't tell Tyler

This is where we went today.

I feel kind of bad that Tyler had to miss out, so I just won't tell him we went. My cousin Laura was nice enough to get us in with her guest pass. Austin had so much fun with his cousins looking at the animals. I need to take him again.

Austin and all the fish

Just happy to be at the zoo

Climbing up to view the giraffes

See the cute hippo bum in the background?
Austin looking at all the cute orangatangs (spelling?)
It was a great day- topped off by nuggets at mickey d's on the way home


Jenni said...

Austin is so cute! I love taking kids to the zoo. Everything is so exciting for them. I need to take Ethan again.

Laura Beers said...

I told my parents that we can't go to the zoo anymore with you and Austin because Austin overshadows my kids. Everyone was commenting about how adorable Austin is. So next time I'm going to dress my kids up a little more and hopefully my kids will get noticed next to Austin. (just teasing....Austin is an adorable little boy. He has such beautiful blue eyes)