Friday, May 22, 2009

Austin's first "official" haircut

Austin gets a lot of homeade haircuts because he is a wuss. I thought it was time for him to start looking non-homeless, so I took him to a kid's haircutting place. He got to watch a movie, and there were toys everywhere. Any kid's dream right? Not so much...

He was not happy being put in that chair
He did allow them to turn on Toy Story (his favorite), but he was nervous and kept saying "ow"

Fianlly, a little calmer

All over, but still there is a tear
I get a sucker now!


The Linabooty's said...

Ummm I think you need to move back to P-town so you and Brittnay can open a buisness together called about "Clicks and Cuts" where Brittnay cuts their hair and you take lovely photos of them while their getting their hair cut! I know your calling the UHaul company right now!

DeCaires Family said...

He is so adorable! I am glad you were able to venture out after your day yesterday. The photos are great! I love the tear painful!

danniellespackman said...

He is so cute!!!!

king Sharon said...

Seeing these pictures puts a big smile on my face. They look so happy and that tear had to be a tear of joy that he was getting a sweet for being so awesome.