Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The ten TRILLION dollar bridge

A new bridge was built spanning a lake by our house. I can't remember the exact cost, but it was a lot (okay, probably not ten trillion...). Everytime we drive by Mike starts calculating how many people will need to cross the bridge and how much each cross is. It drives him crazy. Well, we decided to take a little hike and actually use the bridge. Now, we only need to cross it 999 more times for it to be worth the tax dollars we are paying for it!

The boys liked watching the ducks dive under water looking for fish.

I vowed never to put my boys in muscle shirts, but it was so cute I couldn't help it. Call me W.T.

Running down the dusty trail

Out of order, but here's Austin on the way there. Happy as a clam with a ring pop.

Bridge- ten trillion dollars. Austin enjoying the ducks- priceless


Tammy Mitchell said...

John and I think the same thing everytime we drive by! ;)

Come visit us!!!

DeCaires Family said...

Your pics are gorgeous as always. Come take pics of my family!

Becca said...
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Becca said...

It sounds like you and Ben share disdain for unwise government spending. But really, Austin in a muscle shirt watching ducks = priceless!

~Dana said...

We need to walk across that bridge! What a fun family activity!

Vanessa said...

You're classic!

The Linabooty's said...

I love little boy muscle tees! I think they are only white trash if they say Coors Light on them.