Saturday, July 11, 2009

The King Rest Home is open for business!

Mike has been sleeping poorly lately and decided we need a new mattress. I'm not so sure about this because I sleep just great on our current one. We went to the store to check them out today, and Mike is sold on a tempurpedic one. I like it ONLY if I can get an adjustable mattress. This has been a long time dream of mine to sit in bed and be able to adjust the matress while I watch Lifetime movies (while drinking Dr. Pepper of course). I call this heaven on Earth. Mike asked if I was 90. So, my ? is: are these things for hospital rooms and rest homes only, or would we just have the coolest bed on the block?

P.S. The kids LOVED it. Tyler cried when he couldn't have one for his room.


DeCaires Family said...

I would take one too. It would be much more comfortable then propping all those pillows behind you. Brian bought a memory foam mattress while I've been in UT, I have yet to try that out. My poor hips can't take our mattress anymore.

WishTrish said...

This totally cracks me up.

When I think of adjustable mattresses, I think of, well, unhappy memories of, well, unhappy things. But I do think it would be kinda fun if it weren't in an emergency room setting.

Yes, you'd have the coolest bed on the block, fo sho.