Thursday, July 16, 2009

We can't afford it, and don't want it!

Obama/Pelosi Universal crapcare that is. Please, oh please let's stop the madness! Call your reps, e-mail your reps, fax your reps. Stand in front of their offices with banners (I will come with you!) Write letters to the editor, and anything else you think of! This is total and complete craziness. Please sign this petition,, encourage everyone you know to sign it. Please, let your voice be heard. A majority of us DO NOT want this!

Here is the link to contact your senator (e-mail both of them! Then call both of them)

Here is the link to find your congressman:

I had to find who it was, then go to his website to e-mail him. Very easy I promise. I called as well.


The Linabooty's said...

So you want us to sign petitions for a Saved By the Bell reunion and this? With your interests you definilty should be the next co-host on the view. I'll set something up with Claire:)

Sheri King said...

Yes Harmony, both of these petitions are of UBER importance to me.

BTW, I heard Kelly won't get on board with the reunion. Those freakin cheerleaders...

Tammy Mitchell said...

Great post!! I'll come hold signs with you!!! :)

I signed the SBTB one too. I'm a sucker for that show!! ;) lol!