Friday, October 26, 2007

Just some updates on the kiddos. I'll start with Austie. Austin is no longer a calm, sweet baby. We have a wild little boy on our hands lately. We took him out to lunch today, and I'll just say that we probably won't be doing that for a year or two. He was all over the place. He is crawling, standing up with support, climbing steps, and I think he said "ball" yesterday. He is a great sleeper. He already likes to wrestle with Mike, and he is already a major daddy's boy. He likes to play with Tyler , but Tyler can get a little rough for his tastes. He know he isn't suppoused to go up the stairs so he will start to go up and laugh, then make sure I am watching and go up a few more stairs, turn around and laugh. He likes attention, and just like Tyler is not really great at playing alone. Austin and Tyler are a lot alike.

Tyler is our big 4 1/2 year old. He is learning so much lately. He started doing "real" puzzles and loves them. He is learning to write and recognize his numbers and letters. One funny/challenging thing about Tyler is his constant need for socialization. He will go around knocking on ALL the neighbors doors looking for someone to play with. ANYONE will do. He just wants to play with some kids. He is almost always happy and laughing. He isn't so hard to keep up with anymore. He uses a lot of his energy at pre-school and with friends, so at home he is a little more chill. One thing Tyler needs to work on is table manners. If he ever eats at your home, please remind him not to use his shirt as a napkin, and not to use the entire table as his plate. He is the messiest eater I've ever seen!

We love both boys so much!


Engineer: martha griffiths; Conductor: j. bradley griffiths; Restless Riders: norah corinna, lucia louise, j. abram; On the Caboose: tequila the foxdog said...

Austin does sound a lot like Tyler.
Too bad we don't still live by each other because Norah constantly needs someone to play with as well. The two of them would get along famously.

michelle said...

Love the new pictures!
We changed our blog to, just wanted to let you know.Talk to you soon!

Fisher Family said...

Your pictures of your kids always look so great! The patio looks fantastic too...good work, mike!