Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bob Villa does it again!

Every 6 months or so, one of us gets the idea to embark upon a home improvement project. Mike is pretty handy so he does most (okay ALL) of the work, but our entire family suffers.These projects always turn into so much hard work! Our old patio was sinking into the house and was a complete eyesore. It was also too tiny to have a table on. Mike came home one night and said he was bored and would like to start a new patio. Weeks of backbreaking labor ensued for Mike, while Sheri spent her weekends alone tending the kids. We really do like how the patio turned out. The pictures above are the BBQ, finished patio, and Mike working on the patio. The patio is now pretty big (it actually looks kind of small in the pictures, but it's not), and it is not sinking into the house anymore. We say that this is our last project, but we'll probably be singing a different tune in about 6 months.