Monday, February 25, 2008

Another season...

Well, it's another season for the Bad News Bears, I mean the Orange team. They try so hard, and Tyler is really getting better every time. If only he would run, instead of skip across the field...

The high fives (after the loss)
Would you be scared of this goalie?

Watching his teamates

In action

Watching brother

Morning drink while watching Scooby Doo

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McDowell family said...

You always take great pics! I need a nice camera like yours. I hope you're staying warm out there.

Fisher Family said...

Sheri, seriously...when did you take photography classes? You pictures always turn out so great! You need to teach me when you move out here! I feel like I'm wasting away Chloe's childhood with horrible photo the fact that she'll rarely look at the camera!!! I'm so excited you guys will be out here! When is the big day you arrive?