Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Who's booster seat is that??

Tyler had a friend over the other night. He has a little bit of hero worship for this friend because this friend is a very grown up six years old. They went to the table to eat and as Tyler was pulling out his chair he realized that his booster seat was there. This was a disaster in Tyler's mind and the wheels were turning mighty quick. All of the sudden, he throws the booster seat and yells, "Who's booster seat is this? This is not mine. Boosters are for babies."Luckily, his friend did not catch on. Later that night as I was putting Tyler in bed I asked if he wanted to get rids of the offensive booster seat. "No way, I just didn't want Connor to think I was a baby. I like it."


Jenny M. said...

Very cute story! Thanks for the laugh.

Mom said...

Tyler is my favorite commedian! I am still laughing