Thursday, February 28, 2008

Never give your keys to a one year old...

Mike and I are really hoping that somebody doesn't call Child Protective Services . After shopping at Target, I began buckling Austin into his car seat. He began moaning (pointing and moaning is his only form of communication at this point) and pointing at my keys, so I let him hold them while I put the purchases in the back. Well, after I shut the back door and went to get my keys back, Austin had apparently pushed one of the buttons on the remote, which locked all of the doors. Through the window I could see that he was still holding the keys with a big smile on his face. Panic struck. I began asking Austin to "push the button." He thought it was all a big game, got excited, and began flailing his arms. Shortly after the flailing began I saw the keys fly out of his hands and land on the floor. I ran into Target (of course cell phone is locked in car with crying baby) and told the service desk people to call a locksmith or the police. Luckily, it was a warm 40 degrees outside so I wasn't too worried he would freeze. When I got back to the car he was crying and all upset. He really didn't calm down the entire time. It took a good 20 minutes for the police to arrive and another 10 minutes for the kind officer to unlock the door. I just had to watch through the window while the big, fat tears rolled down his cheeks. Austin was just fine after being released from the clutches of his seat belt for a hug. A lesson was learned about giving the keys to a little one while in the car.
Anyway, here are some pics of the kids.

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