Thursday, October 9, 2008

Adventures in Grocery Shopping

I hate going to the grocery store with my kids. In Illionois I had a great babysitter who came once a week, and this is when I went. I had to give up all luxeries upon moving to San Diego so now I get to take Austin with me at all times. Today's adventure started with Austin demanding the race car cart. You know that HUGE cart that you can barely push. The one that you always run into a food tower or person with becaue it is a dinosaur. We headed off in the huge cart onto the first aisle where my sweet little boy threw up the sample of roast beef (he gagged, he's not sick grouchy old lady who gave me a dirty look while this was going on). After we got that mess cleaned up, Austin decided he wouldn't sit in the giant elephant sized cart anymore. I got him out and tried to reason with him, explaining that he can walk or SIT (not stand) in the cart. He wanted me to carry him and push the monster cart at the same time. It was tantrum time so he laid down screaming in the middle of the aisle. Enter the grouchy old lady who saw him throw up- more dirty looks. Luckily, a nice old man gave Austin a balloon and me some kind words before we left, which restored my faith in humanity.

Here's my favorite grocery partner with his daddy at the air show.


Jenni said...

I HATE the race car cart. Ethan know which stores have them and if none are available we have to go looking for one. He even told me to follow some people out of the store so we could get the cart from them after they unloaded.

Laura Beers said...

I love the race car cart. I start running through the store and I'm the person making all the car noises as we barely miss hitting people. Yes, I'm one of those people. In CA these carts always seem to be available because most people pass them up.

Fisher Family said...

Oh Sheri, I can totally relate! I hate those big carts at the store...they seem like such a magnet for kid germs too! Your kids are adorable. I can't believe how blond little Austin is!