Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fire Alarm

Last Tuesday my next door neighbor, another friend right down the street and I were all at the park. My neighbor's husband called and said, "the hill by the water tower is on fire. " We looked up and saw the helicopters descending. We could see flames and tons of smoke coming from the direction of our houses. It looked pretty close to our house, but we didn't get too concerned. After about 1/2 an hour later the fire seemed to be out. My friend got a text from the school saying they had evacuated, but the fire was out. It was an option to come get your children. I didn't go to get Tyler because I honestly didn't think it was a huge deal. When I got home, it did smell like smoke pretty bad, and I dicovered that the fire had been pretty close to our house. When I went to pick up Tyler, over half of his class was gone, and he reeked of smoke. Tyler thought it was his best day of school yet. They all evacuated to the field and got to watch the helicopters scoop up water from the pond by their school to put out the fire. Everyone was so organized at the school, and with responding to the fire that I was so impressed. Tyler kept talking about the "rush" fire (he meant BRUSH fire).

And I just have to post some pictures or I don't feel complete.
This is the solemn face I always get now when I want to take his picture.

Teeter Totter Boy