Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Photoshoot

After a fun, but photographically challenged day at the pumpkin patch, I wanted some cute pictures of Austin. I'm also practicing with my camera on manual, so I'm messing up 90% of my pictures. Hey, practice makes perfect, but it won't make Austin sit still. I have mommy goggles on because I always think my kids are cute, but I'm always striving for better pictures. Here was our practice photoshoot today:


Laura Beers said...

I love your pictures! Your boys are adorable! I would like to see pictures of you though!

When is a good Sat in Nov or Dec to come up to have you take our family pictures????

WishTrish said...

Seriously, Sheri, you are the best photographer! I love these shots!

martha corinna said...

Those are all beautiful pictures Sheri, and such beautiful boys.