Monday, January 12, 2009

82 degrees

That is what my car thermometer said. Days like today are the reason I love California so much. It feels like summer, and I couldn't miss winter any less than I do!

Here's Tyler after school hating having his picture taken

Little Austin took a spill this weekend that worried his parents. He fell off of a ladder at the park. He screamed more than he's ever screamed over an injury and had a hurt hip that made it hard for him to walk. Mike took him to the Dr. who pronounced Austin just fine. We are so grateful he's okay!

Austin's fave toy


WishTrish said...

You are such a great photographer. Have I already said that? Probably.

DeCaires Family said...

Ok, so after seeing this post with Austin I really do miss you guys. Ash needs a buddy. I went to Walmart and low and behold I saw a Star Wars one on clearance for $25. I am not biased that Ash can't be a princess Leia fan, as long as she is not a treky! I bought it for her birthday and will soon post pictures so you can show Austin. I know you are saying...she finds all the deals, but had you been here I would have given you a call! MISS YOU GUYS!