Thursday, January 8, 2009

Labor of love

I've been wanting a chandelier in our front entry for awhile. The problem was is that it needed to be giant- meaning it would be a lot of dinero. We were driving past a cool lighting store the other day, and I asked Mike to stop so we could peek in. We walked in and saw how much the chandeliers were, and Mike wanted to walk right out. I walked around really quick, and this chandelier caught my eye. It said 80 percent off. We checked with the worker, and he verified that it was indeed 80 percent off. That made it affordable. It was perfect, a big gaudy fixture for my entry.
I was in Utah for the weekend (no kids) and Mike surprised me by putting this ginormous puppy up- no small feat! Thanks Mike- I love it!


WishTrish said...

Wow! That's beautiful! I couldn't like it any more if you paid full price!! ;) Love it!

Laura Beers said...

That is amazing. I'm so impressed by Mike's mad construction skills. It looks great in your house. I can't wait till you can design my house.