Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I've wanted to do a silhouette shot for awhile. This evening we went to a park that I thought would have a good vantage point for the sunset. The sun did not set where I thought it would so I got all the lovely houses and fences in the background. I have a new spot for next time. It will be better next time (fingers crossed). Another challenge is getting Austin to stay where I position him. He likes to move!


WishTrish said...

Oh, fun! Of course, you know I love sillhouette pictures! I can't update my blog header, simply because I can't part with the one I have. I like the family put against the sunset even better! Oh, we're gonna have to come to California just so you can take it for us, though!

DeCaires Family said...

YOu'll have to teach me some day. I am still trying to get through the photog book Brian bought me for Christmas. You are doing great with your photographs. I may need your help on a cute bday invite for Aiden, I want it to be a swim party theme. I did V-day cards, I"ll have to send them to you.

Tammy Mitchell said...

SO cute Sheri!! Great job with the shot. We sure missed seeing you guys last weekend!! We'll have to do it again soon! :)