Monday, May 11, 2009

We are kissing T-ball goodbye!

Dear T-Ball,

As much fun as you were this season, you sure took up a lot of our time. We will miss you, but are happy not to be a slave to you! Tyler may still wear his peanut protector around the house; just in case any stray t-balls are flying around. Austin will miss getting suckers at the snack bar and looking at dogs.

~The Kings

Austin running to the park

Austin is probably laughing at a dog

Luckily, there was a park at the fields

Our cute catcher

Concentrating before batting


Tammy Mitchell said...

seriously. what's up with two loooooong games and a practice each week when they're 5???? only two more games for us. woohoo!!! :)

The Linabooty's said...

Love the picture of Austin running he looks mischevious:)

Tricia said...

You are such a great photographer! Miss you guys!