Thursday, November 1, 2007


I picked Tyler up from pre-school yesterday, and he told me that Halloween was the best day in the world (his exact words). He got to party all day long. His class had a party and they ate a ton of crap. Then, we picked up Mike's parents from the airport, and Tyler wrestled Granpa until he almost had a heart attack. When it was finally trick-or-treat time Tyler ran the entire time. It was a good day for Tyler.

Poor Austin. He didn't get to dress up for Halloween. We were just staying at home passing out candy, and I didn't want to make him mad by putting a costume on him. The poor kid is already getting 2nd child syndrome.

When I was passing out candy I would just stick the bowl out for the kids to choose. Some kids thought this meant that they should take as much as they could. I had some kids grab like 6 candy bars. I was a little worried I was going to run out of candy (we had plenty). But, come on, how rude. I hope Tyler didn't do that!