Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Austin

Austin's 1st year has gone by so fast. We were so anxious for him to come. With Tyler I was nervous and didn't mind waiting. With Austin I knew I could be a mom. I had a harder pregnancy with Austin, and maybe that is why I was more anxious for his birth. I was induced on November 20th last year. Austin took his time, and was born 7 minutes into the 21st of November. He had a ton of hair (I was used to a bald baby). It wasn't much of an adjustment to have Austin as part of our family. Luckily, Tyler took to him right away, and loved him fiercly from the start. Right away Austin seemed to be a calmer soul than his brother, but we aren't sure if this is holding true anymore. Mike and I both thought that this baby might not be such a daddy's boy, but he is. Austin loves his dad just as much as Tyler. Austin is happy boy, and can charm anyone with his flirty smile. He is a pretty good sleeper, and an active player. He needs attention. Most days I call him my little cling-on. He's almost always happy while being held. He's a horrible eater, just like his brother (who has gotten so much better by the way). He dances and claps to music, and it is seriously the cutest thing you have ever seen. We love his wet, open mouth kisses, his Einstein hair, his bucky teeth and we can't imagine our lives without him!


Fisher Family said...

You take the best pictures Sheri, and little Austin is adorable!

martha corinna said...

Happy birthday Austin!
Sweet photos!

grandma king said...

It is nice to have a photographer in the family. Don't forget the camera in July! Pictures make wonderful memories.