Thursday, November 15, 2007


Austin had his ear surgery this morning. We woke him up at 2 in the AM so he could have his "last meal". We took him to the surgery center at 8:00. He was so happy at the surgery center and was playing all over the chair. The pictures above are him in his gown playing around. The Dr. told us he was so happy when they took him back to surgery and put the mask on. He said most kids conk out quick because they start screaming when the mask is put on and take deep breaths. Not Austin, he was all smiles, then he conked out. The surgery was so quick. We were probably apart from Austin 10 minutes or so. The smiles were over when he woke up. He was ANGRY for a while. He is finally asleep in his bed. We hope he is happier when he wakes up. I'm so glad that is over!

The last picture was taken yesterday. Tyler always has to put this goofy smile on his face for pictures now. (Notice Austin playing with his ear?)


Mom said...

I wish I looked that cute in a hospital gown. Austin smiles just like Tyler, they are happy children!