Friday, November 16, 2007

Tyler celebrating the 1st Thanksgiving

I feel guilty... While Austin was getting his tubes, Tyler was celebrating the 1st Thanksgiving with his pre-school class. They had a feast first (complete with some kids as pilgrims & some as Native Americans). Then, they had a presentation for the parents that I missed. I feel bad because I'm sure all the other parents were there. I missed his srumming and singing.

Austin showed some real live jealousy today. Tyler and Austin were both on Mike's lap and Austin was crying and trying to push Tyler off. As soon as Tyler got off Mike's lap Austin was fine. It's funny because Tyler has never been jealous of Austin. Even when he first came home from the hospital Tyler showed patience for him. And now Austin, as #2, is telling Tyler to take a hike. What a terd! (Mike thinks I spell terd wrong)


Mom said...

Who took the pictures of Tyler? You missed his first memorization of the 1st Article of Faith too!
He is bound to have a hang up over this

Sheri King said...

I made Tyler put all of his costume back on when he got home so I could take his picture. I think he is sooooo sick of me taking his picture. Just now I was trying to get him and his friends to take a picture and they all refuse!

martha corinna said...

How did the tubes go?
Those pictures are great. I really wish you guys still lived here. Norah and Tyler would have tons of fun.