Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Tyler has been obsessed with Pokemon lately. I don't even think he really GETS it. He just likes to watch the show and look at the cards. We bought him his first pack of cards the other day at Target. He was so excited he took them into the bath tub with him. After we had explained that you can't do that, we spread them on the floor to dry and he was off to bed. In the morning he asked me if his eyes were red. "No, why do you ask?" He answered, "I was up all night looking at my pokemon cards". I doubt he was up ALL night, but thought it was funny that he was up out of bed looking at these useless cards. He and our little neighbor have been back and forth trading cards. She likes all the cute ones, and Tyler all the mean looking dudes. Tyler asked us if we knew the most powerful pokemon. When Mike teased that it was daddymon, Tyler got all upset. "THERE IS NO DADDYMON!" I've heard so much about Pokemon that I dreamed about it last night. I don't want to be dreaming of pokemon...