Wednesday, August 6, 2008

School Supplies

Dear Target and Wal-mart,

My son Tyler attends a snotty, picky school so please stock more CRAYOLA brand crayons. Stone Ranch Elementary will not accept your "store" brand crayons, and now I will have to go to yet ANOTHER store.



Shirley said...
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DeCaires Family said...

Ha ha! You know what teachers say about children that come to school with the generic brands! You may have to grace the isles of K-Mart!

king Sharon said...

Try the dollar store or is that only here in Arizona

WishTrish said...

Wow! What a snotty school! Just kidding. I've never heard of brand-preference like that! And I thought our school was snotty! Our school doesn't have us buy supplies. They buy their own and don't want you to send a crayon box or anything. I think their goal is to take away all individuality. :( Sad, huh? I hope you found the crayolas!