Saturday, August 30, 2008


I meant to post these pictures a couple of weeks ago, but you know how it goes... Mike''s parents came to visit and brought Laura, Josh and Lucas with them. We had fun just hanging out at the beach. Mike's mom also fixed my curtains so they would work in this house. They look great, thanks Sharon! I also learned that I will never be a scrabble champion, oh well.

All of us at La Jolla tidepools
Austin and Grandpa
Cousins and friends! (finally)
Just our fam


Anna said...

Sherri you look so cute in the family pic. It looks like you are enjoying the beach and fun in the sun.

king Sharon said...

Sheri, I am glad you are pleased with the drapes. Nothing like working your mother-in-law hard!
Oh well, having a home near the beach is fun.

Fisher Family said...

Cute family pictures! I can't believe how blond Austin's hair is. Too cute...