Monday, September 24, 2007

Here he comes to save the day!

Last night Austin's ear infection decided to rear its ugly head once again (let's just get over the inevitable & put tubes in already Mr. ENT). My poor husband is such a sucker for sick crying babies that he held Austin a majority of the night. Austin could not sleep at all because he couldn't lay down flat. I think the urgent care Dr. last week mis-dosed him, and that is why we are all human zombies today. I got Austin in to the Dr. and he has an inner & outer ear infection. No wonder the poor babe couldn't sleep. Then a couple of minutes later, Tyler had an apoointment for HIS malfunctioning ears across town at the ENT. I left my wallet at the first Dr. because Austin wouldn't let me put him down to even go to the bathroom . (The wallet was found on the back of the toilet by a kind nurse). SO it's just been one of those days...
Then I remembered something, THE BACHELOR premeires tonight!!!!! This means I get to lay in bed with a carbonated beverage and chocolate and watch crazy girls go gaga over the new, hot, publicity hungry bachelor. My day is saved!


Engineer: martha griffiths; Conductor: j. bradley griffiths; Restless Riders: norah corinna, lucia louise, j. abram; On the Caboose: tequila the foxdog said...

You make me laugh. Hurray for simple pleasures!
I say just put the freaking tubes in. Make them. I have a whole truck load of guilt for waiting so long with lulu and not being more aggressive. The poor thing couldn't hear for 15 months and obviously was in pain as well. Next time I'm calling the shots. Speaking of shot, I also say no more anti biotic shots, just straight to the tubes. Torture, pure torture.