Friday, September 7, 2007

Update: 2nd day of pre-school

After many talks about how we act at pre-school, I dropped Tyler off. I told him he could have a friend over if he was perfect (What he didn't already know was that we are sharing a babysitter tonight with our friends, so he WILL have a friend over. It was great leverage without me going to any extra effort.) I picked him up, and lo and behold, we are great parents! All the talks worked- Mrs. Oberman said he was perfect! On our way home Iasked about his day. He said that him and some friends were playing on the playground, "and don't worry mom, we were only fighting very softly!".


Baiamonte Family said...

Awesome! I will be checking your blog frequently now. I was gung ho about mine, but have yet to update it since 4th of July. Oh well, at least I can see what your up to!